Professional Video Conferencing Solution for Mac and Windows PCs
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ClearPhoneProPPC™ Macintosh Ver. 6.4.8; Req. PowerPC running MAC OS 8.6 or 9.x.x
(OS X & Classic 9.2.2 send audio not supported yet.. coming soon)
ClearPhoneProWin™ Ver. 5.3.1 requires Apple Quicktime  (Full install) & Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP
Note: When installing Quicktime choose "Full" install, NOT basic


What is ClearPhone?

All Features are supported on Macintosh and most on the Windows versions.

New ClearPhoneProPPC™ Version 6 features:

FAQ about ClearPhonePro™:

Answer: "ClearPhonePro™" uses TCP/IP networking to send & receive all data in real time over the internet and supports Apple's Quicktime compression. Other Internet phones broadcast the data using UDP packets which are unconfirmed. This forces them to maximize compression just to get the data through resulting in missing packets, loss of intelligence, poor audio and picture quality at the receiver. This is because these programs use UDP packets and are forced to maintain the low quality H323 standards which were set up before there was an internet. ClearPhonePro has developed its product using only TCP/IP which as you will see, works much better on the internet. ClearPhonePro™ is available for download and demo for both the Mac & Windows computers.

ClearPhone PUB Decency RULES

No PORN or Profane language is allowed to appear on the ClearPhone demo PUB at any time. The PUB pictures are monitored and can be viewed by all age groups as this demo area is open to the general public. Persons displaying PORN or using Profane language or who are offending other users, may be terminated. The ClearPhone online PUB and WEBcam is not the place for this kind of activity and it will not be tolerated. Users may report the log-on URL (observable in your browser) and the name of any person violating these rules to Engineering Consulting Clearphone managment . Note this Exception: Private voice conversations between individuals using ClearPhone cannot be monitored. (It is more secure than the telephone!) When you turn off the automatic log-on feature, your pictures will not be sent to the PUB lister for the general public to see.When in this mode your conversations and pictures are completely private and therefore you are not subject to the decency rules pertaining to the general PUB as long as you are not offending the person you are talking to.Disclaimer Note: ClearPhone users who send video during the logon are sending their picture to the world. Reproduction of these pictures on ClearPhone's pages as part of banners and other areas may occurr and pictures can be captured and used by anyone in the world. If you need to protect your image do not send video or turn off the "digitizer" as your log on image source under the "Network" menu.

Use of pirated access Codes or Hacked versions of ClearPhone will result in user termination. Do not use unauthorized or pirated access codes. All ClearPhone registration codes must be obtained directly from Engineering Consulting. If you enter illegally obtained access codes your ClearPhone program will be terminated. Illegal access attempts are fully documented and if you enter illegally obtained access codes you are subject to copyright (C) infringment with fines of $10,000 or more and your attempts will be reported to authorities. Do not use your demo past the 30 day trial period.
The ClearPhone program is available exclusively via the Internet from:
Engineering Consulting
583 Candlewood St. Brea, Ca. 92821
Tel: 714-671-2009
For Technical assistance and program comments please contact:
Robert Blumenkranz
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You can help! We encourage you to put the ClearPhone banner (below) on your home page with a URL clickable to ClearPhone . This will help ClearPhone stay the number one Internet communications Program!


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