ClearPhonePro™ Downloads Page for Macs & Windows PC's

Engineering Consulting 583 Candlewood St. Brea, Ca. 92821

ClearphoneProWin™ version 5.3.1 Download Windows 98/2000/XP

Windows Compatibility Note:
**You Must Use Internet Explorer 6 or earlier (Clearphone is Not compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 at this time).
If you are running IE -7 Beta, uninstall it and you will be running IE-6.

ClearPhonePro  Version 6.4.8 Download Macintosh ClearPhoneProPPC™

 Users displaying PORN or harassing others will be terminated!

Warning to all Users!
Use of pirated access Codes or Hacked versions of ClearPhone will result in user termination. Do not use unauthorized or pirated access codes. All ClearPhone registration codes must be obtained directly from Engineering Consulting. If you enter illegally obtained access codes your ClearPhone program will be terminated. Illegal access attempts are fully documented and if you enter illegally obtained access codes you are subject to copyright (C) infringment with fines of $10,000 or more and your attempts will be reported to authorities.
The ClearPhonePro™ Manual and the ClearPhoneProWin™ online manual are both available online.
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