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TV Broadcast & Infra Red channel Control via the internet using ClearPhoneProWin

Watch your home Cable or Satellite TV channels at the office or from anywhere in the world via the internet! Now your company, school, or institution can put recorded and live TV shows & lessons on line for real time viewing for individual students at the time of their choosing!


You can test for yourself how the audio will sound and how the video will look by running clearphoneProWin demo program and then connect to the live "TV feed" online on the Clearphone PUB #1, or click on the "TV feed", or dial the IP address of "" for clearphone to dial our online live broadcast.


The "TV feed 29" is available for testing with your Clearphone demo program. The video speed is send rate is set to send 10 to 12 frames per second using a 324 Khz upload DSL line. Remote Channel selection of the TVfeeds is done using the RealVNC program at this time with IR control programs on the local computer to control channel selection. These are not open to the public but are fully operational. Please Send an email to radiobob@clearphone.com for additional information.


If you already have a fast internet connection using DSL, or Cable, and you have a Windows computer running Windows XP at home that is connected to the internet, then you have what you need to set up a personal ClearPhone TV internet transmission system.

ClearPhoneProWin allows you to broadcast your cable or Satellite TV, or any other source of video including security cameras, directly to any Windows XP based computer connected to the internet.  TheClearPhoneProWin video package  includes the programs you need that will allow you to remotely control your home computer, and change the TV channels, via the internet from any PC on the internet located anywhere in the world!


You can install the ClearPhoneProWin system by following the step by step instructions.


You will be connecting a USB TV to video converter with tuner that will provide the audio and video signal to your PC at home that will be used to  transmit your local satellite and/or cable TV channels using theClearPhoneProWin system. TV signals will be sent to the internet using  your home based computer.ClearPhoneProWin will send clear audio and video using the same signal your TV is receiving using a splitter on your TVs coax signal. You will have a private access code allowing you to log on and to view your cable TV or satellite channels.


You will be able to add additional features such as infra red senders that will allow you to remotely change the channels via the internet, operate and control a TIVO, or any cable TV box, and record and playback programs on your TIVO or VCR via the internet from anywhere in the world just as if you were sitting at home!


Engineering Consulting has developed and selected a combination of programs and various hardware off the shelf products that together will provide the required tools to allow you to accomplish this.


For $99.95 you will receive two ClearPhoneProWin video conferencing software registration access codes and instructions to download additional computer and Infra Red control software. The ClearPhoneProWin registration codes will allow your computers to log on privately to our servers where your IP address will be available privately that will allow you to control your TV feed and access your cable TV or satellite system TV channels.

You will receive the necessary software for your XP computers and instructions showing you how to set up your system to provide access to your private satellite or cable TV signals. 


Upon registration for the ClearPhoneProWin, You will receive 2 ClearPhone program software registration registration codes, and the necessary programs and instructions. You will have to purchase at least one recommended USB RF to video input adaptor that will capture the  video and audio.

Optional Infra red sender allows
control of remote devices including TIVO, cable TV box, or various TV recorders. Full control allows operation of these devices from anywhen via the internet. This is a great tool for remote education learning or viewing TV recording and live TV shows via the internet.

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